Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

I love basketball. I think the NBA is my favorite of all the pro sports leagues, even though I'm a sucker for fantasy football. Regardless of this, I love sitting down to watch a full basketball game in the spring, especially coming play time on a Sunday afternoon. Ah, just thinking about it makes me wish for that time of year again. The good news is that as I'm writing this, we're just a few weeks away from the start of the NBA season. Here's another thing I'm going to do to pump myself up.

Without further ado, my top 5 point guards in the NBA.

5. Steve Nash. A few years ago he was number one, but like all good things, they ever age. Nash will be 36 this season and while he's still an exceptional athlete and one of the NBA's guards, he's slipped in the rankings.

4. Baron Davis. When healthy, he's probably even better. The problem with Davis is just that though – his health.

3. Deron Williams. Two years ago, I would have thought he was on his way way to number two, but he dropped a bit last year. Between injuries and inconsistency, you could say that 08-09 was a bit of a letdown for him. I do believe he'll bounce back though.

2. Chauncey Billups. What he did for the Denver Nuggets last year was just remarkable.

1. Chris Paul. By the end of his career, some may very well call him a top-3 point guard of all-time, if they do not already yet.

Source by Todd Grummans