Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: Game On! / Competition Begins!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review - Hands On

The presence of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the market is like a blast from a gun that signifies that the flagship mobile phone race of 2018 has begun. As one of the rulers of the smartphone market of course the best product from Samsung is always expected and become a new standard.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 came to my table to be tested, but before the in-depth reviews, the following first impressions of my brief introduction to the Galaxy S9 related to the physical appearance and a host of Samsung’s superior features of this newest product.

Design and Display

Almost no innovation is presented Samsung on the physical appearance of Galaxy S9. But it still deserves appreciation, because this is one proof that Samsung is consistent with the style diusungnya and not follow-up carrying a full screen design bangs or notch popularized its main competitors.

Viewed more closely, there is actually a small but significant change adopted by the S9, ie Samsung has moved the fingerprint sensor under the main camera lens. This certainly makes this sensor relatively more comfortable to reach compared to the S8. In addition the bezel on top and bottom of this phone screen looks thinner than its predecessor.

I had the opportunity to test Coral blue colored units (blue) which I think looks very elegant. In addition to Coral Blue color, S9 is also available in variant Midnight Black (black) and Lilac Purple (purple) .She S9 has the composition and layout of ports, buttons and a number of sensors the same as its predecessor. Includes a 3.5mm audio jack port that will accommodate

Still using the Super AMOLED panel with QHD + resolution, Samsung also does not seem to develop technology in the display sector – which they refer to as infinity display – significantly, or maybe they did not do any development at all from being used on the S8. It is difficult to develop something near perfection, so it is very understandable. I do not even have any screen related complaints on S9.

Intelligent Scan

Like most smartphone devices, S9 also features a number of initial boot up settings (first run), from user personal information, to connectivity settings. Also included in the initial setting is a system security feature, locking the screen.

In the lock screen feature, Samsung brings innovation titled Intelligent Scan (smart scanning). Intelligent Scan is actually only a combination of 2 screen locking options that have been previously owned by Samsung Galaxy S8, the rainbow screen scanner (iris scanner) and face recognition (face recognition).

This feature will analyze the faces seen by the front camera and lighting conditions around the user, then the system will determine which screen locking method is most appropriate between the two to use.

If intelligent scan is enabled, after the user turns on the screen, the system will first attempt to recognize the face of the user and will immediately scan the iris if the initial authentication fails. If the condition is not so ideal for both scans then the system will combine the two to open the screen. Calm down although the process seems very complicated, but all the above process goes very instant.

Although it sounds sophisticated, but I feel there is a problem especially on the iris scanner. For some times the S9 I tested failed to scan when the eyes were blocked by glasses. This is certainly a bit inconvenient when you want to immediately access the screen, because occasionally the screen unlock process becomes exposed by the movement to open the glasses first. Even so, the iris scanner actually does not always fail to operate while wearing glasses and over time, I find the ideal distance and position to help the scanning process run faster.

Dual Aperture, AR Emoji and Super Slow-Mo

“The Camera. Reimagined. “Roughly like that tagline is used Samsung in marketing programs Galaxy S9 and S9 +. Naturally, because if observed, a number of features that become “selling materials” both products are mostly centered on the camera.

In the launch of Galaxy S9 in Jakarta, Jo Semindang, IM Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics Indonesia along with 2 influencers, Tito Rikardo (professional photographer) and Kelly Tandiono (model) presented at least 3 excellent features Samsung S9 and S9 + ie dual aperture, AR emoji and video recorder super slow-motion.

Dual aperture becomes the most interesting in my opinion. Because together with S9 +, S9 became the first to have this technology. The 12MP SAT-mounted main camera is paired with a lens that has two tiers at once, F / 1.5 and F / 2.4.

For those who do not know yet, simply the aperture value or lens aperture or f-stop is a value that explains how much the diameter of the open light hole towards the camera sensor. The lens aperture works like a pupil in the human eye, it enlarges to allow more light to enter during dim lighting conditions and vice versa will shrink during bright lighting conditions.

It’s just that if a camera phone only has one lens aperture options, then the amount of light coming into the sensor will be determined by the shutter speed (shutter speed). Well because Galaxy S9 and S9 + have two levels of openings, then the system will determine which openings are used in accordance with the state of light around the object.

F / 2.4 will be used if the lighting is bright or sufficient and F / 1.5 will be used when the camera is used to shoot in dim even dark areas.

The next feature is AR Emoji. This feature allows users to create emoji with their own face characters. This emoji is .gif format so it can be easy and light to be sent via messaging application.

Unfortunately, in my opinion the choice of physical form, and hair is still less varied. But once again I chose to give tolerance and memakluminya considering this feature is new to make debut in Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

It would be nice to choose an avatar character with a choice of physical form such as fat or thin, and also more choices of hair styles that are not too stylish k-pop or even a hijab option for women on this AR Emoji feature in the future.

Another excellent feature that I also had time to try is Super Slow Motion. This feature allows users to record videos that slow down the motion of objects in the video up to 30 times slower.

Because of the speed with which the camera captures movement in this mode, the lighting around the object must be completely bright. In addition, any light source should not be arbitrary. The sun is the best source of lighting for this mode, so it’s recommended that this feature be used outdoors.

Even if you want to make a video in the room, then the lamp should be used has a high frequency so it does not appear flicker (flicker) in slow motion video.

Actually there are so many features that I want to review on the Galaxy S9, for that look forward to the full review.

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