Nintendo Patent NFC Card! Is TCG Pokemon Game Really Coming?

Could Nintendo want to change their Amiibo line, or will this card be used for TCG-based games later?

With a variety of innovations made by Nintendo, they do not stop there. This time Aoncash, Nintendo patented the NFC Card with a familiar looking design. Could this card be used to revive the Pokemon TCG game?

At this time, there was news that Nintendo was reducing the amount of production and distribution for their Amiibo line. As we know, Amiibo is a series of mini figures with iconic characters from Nintendo’s game series.

Amiibo itself has a quite unique function. This figure does not just come up with a good detail, but it turns out Nintendo also not forget to pin an NFC chip that can be scanned by a number of Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

Nintendo often uses Amiibo to present a number of additional features for their games. At Super Smash Bros., this small figure will keep the progress of the character played by AI. For some other games, Amiibo is used to get additional characters.

And if you remember, before Nintendo also pinned Amiibo’s feature on Mario cereal in the past months. NFC chips in the cereal box can be used to get some items in the Super Mario Odyssey game to help the players.

This time, there was news that Nintendo had patented NFC cards that had a design like a TCG card. In a patent that has been recorded, this card will display a picture of a monster with stats and elements in the top left corner.

With the mockup design present, there is some speculation about the use of this card. Cards with embedded NFC features are likely to be used for the latest Nintendo games that will use the card as a focus on the game, and one of the games that is speculated is Pokemon.

However, it also does not release the possibility that Nintendo just wanted to add their Amiibo line with an easier variant. With a format similar to a TCG card, players will be better facilitated if they want to exchange Amiibo.

NFC card is still just a patent, and we still do not know what will Nintendo present through this patent. Let’s wait for the rest.

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