Lineage 2 Revolution, MMORPG Mobile Game with Best Quality Graphics

Lineage 2 Revolution, MMORPG Mobile Game with Best Quality Graphics

Lineage 2 Revolution is one PC online game that is now being adapted into MMORPG mobile games for Android and iOS devices. In addition to exciting gameplay, Lineage 2 Revolution also offers charming graphics.

For online PC gamers, certainly will not be unfamiliar with the title of this one game. Lineage 2 Revolution is now available on Android and iOS-based mobile devices. Not just a fun gameplay, this MMORPG game brings amazing graphics.

What are the features and advantages that Lineage 2 Revolution brings?

Lineage 2 Revolution Now Present in Indonesia

Lineage 2 Revolution that has been released more in 11 countries now present for the mobile gamers in Indonesia. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) game itself is developed by leading developer, Netmarble Neo.

In this game alone you can create characters from 4 races available, namely Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf. Here are some excellent features that you will meet in this exciting game!

1. Highest Quality Graphic Performance

Although it adopts content from the PC version, Lineage 2 Revolution brings some optimization to mobile devices, especially in terms of graphics.

This MMORPG mobile game uses Unreal Engine 4, a game engine that is famous for its quality and performance. So it is not surprising that some of the favorite areas that you meet look better.

2. Greatest Open World on Mobile Game Scale

Lineage 2 Revolution is claimed to bring the most open-field mobile games in the world of mobile games in circulation to date. Netmarble party also believes that the area that can be explored by players equivalent to 3,500 soccer field.

3. Real-time Battle Game Mode

The unique MMORPG game allows you to play in real-time battle mode without being limited to space and time.

Compared to MOBA games that can accommodate about 10 players only, in Lineage 2 Revolution you can play with more than hundreds to thousands of players from all over the world.

4. There are many interesting Questions and Events

Your main mission is to make the character become stronger by doing the stories and quests provided. Not only that there are also many interesting content such as Elite Dungeon and Extraction Dungeon as well as various other ways to become strong in the game.

Recommended Recommended Lineage 2 Revolution

To experience the best experience in playing Lineage 2 Revolution games, here are the system requirements or smartphone recommendations specifications that you should use.

Specification   Lineage 2 Revolution
Operating System : Android 4.4 and higher or iOS 6.0 and higher
Chipset : Rec: CPU Quad-core 2.3GHz
Min: CPU Quad-core 1.2GHz
RAM : Rec: 2GB RAM
Min: 1GB RAM
Storage Memory : 2GB

Download Link Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution Indonesia will be available on March 14, 2018. But you can still follow Pre-Registration until March 14, 2018 at 07:59 WIB to get the benefits of 2,000 Red Diamond and 150.000 Adena.

You can download via Google Play Store here.