iPhone 5 Officially Becomes an Ancient Apple Item

iPhone 5 has officially become an ancient item. Apple has included the device on the “Vintage and obsolete products” page on its official website.

Now, the iPhone 5 has a vintage status in the United States and obsolete throughout the world, except in Uncle Sam’s country. So what does that mean?
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Vintage status is given by Apple to products that have not been produced again for more than five years, but not for seven years. Apple has not served repair services for devices that fall into this category.

Even so, the company led by Tim Cook still gives an exception. For Mac products purchased in Turkey, Apple is still serving repair services in the country where the device was purchased.

The same exception applies to devices purchased in California, United States. The difference, in this area, applies this exception to all Apple devices.

Whereas obsolete status is given to products that have not been produced again for more than seven years. For this one, Apple has really not served repair services without any exceptions. Products that have entered the vintage category will usually become obsolete.

Well, that means, if you have an iPhone 5 purchased outside of Turkey and California, USA, then the cellphone is over. To correct it, if you still need it, you need support from a third party.

Apple’s decision to include the iPhone 5 into its old product category is certainly not surprising. This cellphone was released in September 2012, more than six years ago. He also at the same time followed in the footsteps of the iPhone 3GS (8GB) and the CDMA iPhone 4 (8GB) which was a vintage in the US but obsolete in the other hemisphere.

Here is a series of iPhone series that are obsolete in the world:

– iPhone
– iPhone 3G (China) 8GB
– 8GB iPhone 3G, 16GB
– iPhone 3GS (China) 16GB, 32GB
– iPhone 3GS 16GB, 32GB
– iPhone 4 CDMA
– iPhone 4 16GB, 32GB