How To Score Every Single Jump Shot You Ever Take

Terrific scorers, and by that I'm talking about players that have huge numbers in just about every match, share one common attribute.

What exactly is it?

Focus. A different term for this is concentration.

Superb scorers have the ability to zone in, filter out everything, and drain shot after shot. Whether it's both at home and while away, having a defensive player in their face or completely unguarded behind the three point line, outstanding scorers zero in on the hoop and score the points their team needs.

Observe the way I did not suggest these people "think about the shot", because they do not. Outstanding athletes do not have to think. They just do. They perform. They anticipate and respond to what is happening near them in the game.

Exceptional athletes have strived so intensely, practiced so consistently, and that so are confident of their abilities that they do not really need to stop and ponder what direction to go when they are on the court. They get things happening, making it seem uncomplicated.

So, how does one obtain focus and concentration?

Train hard and act on it seven days a week. Commit to an intentional choice that you will develop, and strengthen, this component of your skills. The straightforward action of choosing to practice developing your concentration and focus will assist you in getting going.

Refine your skills: take jump shot after jump after jump shot to ensure you are comfortable and confident in taking the shot, despite a right right up in your face. The more skilled you become at shooting the basketball, along with the more you work on your shot (by yourself in your free time, in addition to in scrimmages and games), the more capable you will find yourself at hanging on to your concentration in high-pressure scenarios, and whenever the game is at risk.

Also, work tirelessly at learning to be a skilful ball-handler. Practice dribbling a basketball until finally you turn into a definitively confident basketball dribbler with both hands, equipped to drive the basketball down the court during a fast break, or quickly zip past your defender while possessing total control of the basketball.

Also, go out on the court with unstoppable self-assurance. Accept as true, and I mean become deeply convinced, that you'll be unstoppable. Assume that immediately after you go up to take a jump shot, or drive the basketball down the lane, the shot can do nothing but go in. After that practice and work hard enough at it so that it actually happens.

Nobody can provide you with a magic pill which is able to infuse you with full confidence in your own abilities. Confidence derives from training intensely and consistently at being a great athlete, placing yourself in high-pressure circumstances and performing well in those scenarios, and after having faith in in yourself and your abilities.

Source by Mike Warns