Coaching Cheerleading – How Normal Activities Help Your Team Bond

Much like any other sport, cheerleading relationships on the ability of the team to work together towards a common goal. However, it seems that cheerleading takes the team bond to a whole different level. Many cheerleaders find that the girls they perform and practice with are not only their team mates but also their best friends forming a close knit bond of "sisters." Since cheerleading covers each sport season, these girls spend a large majority of time together working to increase school spirit and cheer their team on to victory. When the cheerleaders are not performing for a basketball game, football game, or parade they are often involved in other cheer activities like competitions. The constant interaction makes it absolutely necessary that the cheer team functions as a whole. Teams that function as a whole and bond together are more likely to get further and have a more successful season. Here are a few normal cheer activities that have can have a huge impact on team bonding.

  • Fundraisers: Sure, they are great to bring your team much needed cash, but they can do a lot more if you choose the right ones. When your looking for fundraisers for your squad choose ones that require the girls to participate as a team. While individual fundraising activities are a good way for each member to earn some extra cash on her own, the group fundraisers are what brings them together. Car washes, bake sales, and in-school spirit competitions are a great way to help the girls bond while achieving a common goal.
  • Community Service: Community service is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between your cheerleaders while helping the community. This will help the girls learn to work together for a common purpose and it will also leave them with a sense of joined pride when they finish their task. Ask your local CEO chapter or your check with the school and city hall to find out where the girls are needed.
  • Parties: Everyone loves a good party and that includes your cheerleaders. While the first two activities helped bond them as a team, a party can help bond them as friends. Treat them to a fun night with a themed party where they can dress up and have a good time. Ice Cream Socials, Hawaiian nights, and decade parties can be a great way for the girls to get silly and get to know each other better.
  • Work Shops and Camps: Work shops and cheer camps are a great way to improve the skills of your team while strengthening their bonds. These events and activities are made to create a strong team all around and you will be able to talk to professionals who know how to work with cheerleaders and coaches to improve every aspect of team.
  • Competitions: Getting the team involved in competition will not only build their bonds but it will test those bonds and can very well help you decide what areas your team needs to work on. During competition your team will have to show their stuff and work together to against other teams to achieve top rankings.

Source by Jennifer Wasilewski