4 Tips on How to Get Him to Ask You Out

You’ve had a crush on this guy for quite some time now and it seems that he hasn’t noticed you at all. You are pining on him and you are praying he would look your way one day and he would fall in love with you. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but that scenario only happens in the movies unless you look like Jennifer Aniston or Miranda Kerr. Stop relying on destiny to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you. If you want something to happen, you simply go for it. Now, first things first; if you want to know how to get him to ask you out, you must first learn the art of flirting.

Some women are just so good with it that they consider it an innate talent. If you are not part of that group, don’t despair because you can always pick up a few tricks here and there to make a guy notice you.

1.) Dress Attractively

Men are visual creatures and this tip has been mentioned a million times. There’s a reason why it tops the list of things you can do to attract a guy and make him ask you out on a date. If you fail to catch his attention with the way you look, it’s a little harder to move on to the next level of flirting. Dressing yourself up in attractive clothes does not always mean showing off some skin. If you are looking for a serious relationship, I wouldn’t suggest wearing revealing clothes. Pick clothes that accentuate your curves but always leave something to the imagination. Being modest will enhance your self-image and then confidence will follow.

2.) Be Pleasant

Nobody wants to be around a person who is full of negativity. Smiling a lot and being approachable will make any man in the room take notice of you. Don’t fake your smile because people can tell when you’re giving out a phony smile. You have to forget about what other experts say that you have to play mysterious and aloof so you’ll appear sexier. That will never work!

When having conversations, it’s important to be polite all the time. Arrogance is a big turn-off. An intelligent woman knows how to make her point without insulting other people. You can definitely take your sarcasm else where. It’s actually pretty simple; a woman with an infectiously likable personality begets the same vibe from the people around her.

3.) Let Him Know You are Available

The most common reason why sexy, gorgeous women don’t get asked out is because men automatically assume they are already taken. They are always thinking that there is no way a hot woman is available. You can’t just blurt out that you are looking though because this might turn him off. Let him know subtly by mentioning something about the single girls’ night you and your friends had recently. Don’t go out with male pals because this might confuse the guy you have your eyes on.

4.) If you are tired of waiting around for a guy to ask you out then maybe it’s about time that you take control. Take the initiative! Some men find it sexy when a woman makes the first move. While there are more ways on how to get him to ask you out, there’s nothing wrong with asking a guy out as long as it’s done tastefully which means that you don’t have to make it too obvious.

Find a common interest that you both enjoy. If you are a huge basketball fan and you know for a fact that he is a die-hard fan then tell him you have tickets for the game tomorrow night.

Source by Jennie Anne