3 Ways to Strengthen Hero Mobile Legends Without Cheat

Who doesn’t like playing Mobile Legends games? The best MOBA game for Android smartphones gives birth to well-known pro players, such as Jess No Limit and Ikhsan Lemon.

Well, do you want to be a pro player on Mobile Legends? JalanTikus will give you tips on playing Mobile Legends that can strengthen your Hero. So every time you play, surely you are auto win! In Hero you are very strong, anti-losing.

How to Strengthen Hero Mobile Legends

Without having to meditate in a cave or under a waterfall, you can strengthen the Hero on Mobile Legends in the following ways:

1. Unlock Spell by Raising Level

The higher the level of your Mobile Legends account, the more Spells are open for you to use during the game. This spell can be used to cover your Hero shortcomings. For example when using a Hero without blurry skills like Layla, you can cover it with the Flicker Spell to avoid enemies.

Therefore, often play your account. The reason is that the more you play, the faster you level. And more and more Spells are open to be used to compete.

2. Strengthen the emblem on Mobile Legends

Besides Spell, the strength of Hero in Mobile Legends can also be added from the set of Emblem used. Now, the higher the level of the set Emblem you have, the stronger your Hero from the opponent Hero. In Mobile Legends there are 6 sets of Emblems that can be used, namely Physical, Magical, Tank, Jungle, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Support, and Marksman.

How do you strengthen the emblem on Mobile Legends? You can strengthen the Emblem in Mobile Legends by using the Emblem Matrix or buying the Emblem Chest. In addition, you can also use Magic Dust to strengthen the Emblem.

3. Buy Skin

Did you know, Skin on Mobile Legends can provide additional attributes that will strengthen your favorite Hero? For example Hero Marksman will get an additional +8 attack speed, and Hero Tank will receive an additional +100 HP if using the Skin. So if your Hero wants to be strong at the beginning of the match, just use Skin!

So some tips to improve your win rate when playing mobile legends. If you don’t have this application, please download it for free at Playstore!

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